Serving Spokane, Washington and North Idaho

Services Overview

Buyer Brokerage and Representation

The buying process is full of potential pitfalls. That’s why Jim created and developed “Jim’s Buying System” and a team of trusted “partners” to assure the best chance of a fun and enjoyable buying experience.

The team consists of lenders, home inspectors and closing agents who have proven themselves as trustworthy and competent and who have worked well together to achieve great customer service. The additional element of a successful buying experience is... experience. With over 25 years in the real estate business, Jim has sharpened his ability to avoid common problems and to negotiate in an effective manner for his clients.

Home Marketing

Jim’s Home Marketing System has proven effective time after time, listing after listing. From the market analysis and professional staging services to innovative marketing strategies and tools, this professional system is detailed and tailored to the specific market characteristics of each property. Weekly reports keep sellers up to date and experienced negotiating bring the highest net proceeds to Jim’s clients.

Unique to this system is Jim’s ability and willingness to network with other agents in the industry to provide maximum exposure and maximum chances of a sale.

But, possibly the most valuable service is Jim’s ability to wade through all the issues between signing an agreement and closing. Home inspections, appraisals, qualifying buyers and working with other agents are Jim’s strong suits.